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Title: For your own protection - Hide your Email
Post by: Maschinen Krueger on March 29, 2007, 11:02:04 AM
For your own security, I would strongly recommend changing your user profile to hide your email address from the public. If you need to contact members, do so via Private Messages. You can exchange emails with each other after that.

How to Hide your Email

  Click on "Profile" on the top menu. This opens your profile settings.
  Then choose "Account Related Settings"
  Check the "Hide email address from public?" box
  Click "Change profile" (you need to enter your password)


I've bumped this thread as a warning. A MaK recaster signed up, he's been subsequently deleted, but was able to skim some emails that were not hidden from public. Do yourself a favor, hide your email.

After you have made the change, you will still be able to see your email, but other users and spamming guests won't.

Title: Re: For your own protection.
Post by: Maschinen Krueger on June 01, 2009, 05:34:57 PM
I've cleaned this up and bumping it as a reminder. Hopefully it's clearer now. PM if you are having difficulties.


Question - My email is still visible to the forum. I can see the letter icon under my avatar. How do I know it worked?

Answer - You can see your own email, but other members and guests can not, only Moderators and Admins can. Log out and view one of your posts if you are unsure.