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Author Topic: Forum Changes - Please read. Effective May 1st.  (Read 7830 times)
Ma.K. Spammer
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« on: April 21, 2009, 02:34:41 PM »


These past 12 months have seen the forum grow considerably. Each month we average over 300,000 visited pages and the workload gobbles up server resources. The web hosting service has requested we improve the performance of the site. So it's time for some pruning and tweaking.

The following changes will take effect May 1st.

Personal Messages: Top 25
Any messages older than your 25th PM will be deleted. Your browser should have a Save-As option. Use it to save your PMs onto your computer. If you have less than 25 messages, you have nothing to do.

Notification: Disabled
Message board notification emails will be disabled. PM notification will remain available.

Old Posts: Purge
The following Boards will have Posts deleted from them, based on the date condition:

  • Off Topic Talk: 90 days
  • General Marketplace: 90 days

Marketplace: "Delete Me" & no replies
  • When an item has been sold, please edit and replace the title with "Delete Me" so it can be cleaned up.
  • Replies to Market Place posts will be disabled. If you need to ask a question. Please PM the author.
People familiar with SSMs policies will know what we mean here.

Guest Account: Restrictions
Guests restrictions will remain until the effect of these minor tweaks can be observed over a length of time. If the changes are successful, we will expose more areas to anonymous visitors.

Inactive Members: 0 post count, not active for 6 months or more
Members who have 0 posts and have not signed in since October 2008 will be deleted.

That is all for now. Fairly minor stuff we hope!
If anyone has any suggestions or questions please feel free reply or message a Moderator/Admin.

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