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Yaaay! Well done to BK for setting up a new forum. Best get something painted and give you all a good laugh.

I spent so long mooching around Rene's forum before finally registering there, I read and saw a lot of really inspirational stuff. It really sucks that all the hard work and devotion that went into that site by Rene (And ALL of the Standard Bearers too!) was spoiled.

Is there any chance that the galleries can be resurrected?



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Quote from: FunkyPuppy on Mar 27, 2007 10:44 AM

Is there any chance that the galleries can be resurrected?


Resurrected? I don't know. They were part of Rene's site and I don't know what happened to the Galleries.
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Thanks for making this new forum possible BK!

But why did  only find out about it today? Oh right, the girl at Rene's site told me. :P
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Hi, just registered on this forum, as the old one was breathing its dying breath when I found it a while ago. Some of you may know me as Plakhandjes, most of you won't. I'm working on a AFS Mk1 at the moment. Bye for now.  :)


thx for the new site  its great and can only get greater from here


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