Wolverine Series: BK2
S.A.S.F. - Air Defense Unit Scale: 1/20

S.A.F.S. - Wolverine


This is an original design based on the reliable SAFS, the Wolverine carried two missile launchers over the shoulders for a total of six wire guided missiles. The Wolverine SAFS was often placed in existing AFS units to provide air defense from the Fledermaus and Hornisse units. The Wolverine acted as its own spotter or could be deployed in numbers for indirect firing.

Kit Build:

This version is based upon the Fireball kit. The left gun arm was replaced with the arm from the Raccoon salvaged from the spare parts bin. It was missing a thumb, so a new one was formed from styrene. The missile containers are the leg mounted missile pods from the Bandai 1/100 MG Zaku kit modified with styrene sheet.