Fireball Series: 07
Super Armored Fighting Suit Space Type Scale: 1/20

S.A.F.S. - Fireball


Original rear box art text as follows, all typos are as original text.

The form of the space type of Super AFS, Fireball closely resembled the original Super AFS except the small-sized jet nozzle set on the back. Yet the structures, equipments, and functions were very different from the original., that is, the power system put stress on the jet nozzle rather than the leg, the armored defensive power intensified with out regard to increase of weight, the reinforced body, the extensive searching equipment installed at the cost of the optical system, and so on. The Super AFS changed into the most ideal weapon for use in the space war.

Kit Build:

This version of the Fireball is slightly updated from the box kit. New fuel tanks were scratch built the most difficult way possible. The fingers were cut from the hand and were filed and sanded to a more defined shape than the kit hand. the pilot and cockpit tub are painted with oils. The periscope was raised with a piece of brass wire and guitar string.

The deck is made from a piece of 0.5" acrylic with sheet styrene used to create deck plating.